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How are head coaches chosen?

Reading Little League is always looking for quality head coaches and is dependent on volunteers. Consistent with the philosophy of Reading Little League, we value coaches that are good with the players rather than winning at all costs. If you are interested in being a Head Coach or you have a recommendation on a Head Coach candidate, please notify a Reading Little League Board member.

What is a player rating?

The player rating is based on the prior year coach’s evaluation scores, with consideration given to the league played in the prior year. These ratings are then double checked by one or more board members in order to assure a consistent rating basis. The finalized ratings become one of the criteria used to determine a player’s division placement and are used by coaches during the draft to ensure balanced teams.

What do I do if I am concerned about my player's division placement?

If you have a concern about your child’s placement, you must alert the Player Agent or League Director as soon as possible. Some legitimate concerns include:

  • the potential your player will be placed at a level above their skill
  • the potential your player will be placed in a division with few kids that are their age or grade level
  • your players’s ability may create a safety concern for other players.

If you let the Player Agent know this in advance and in writing, we will ensure that your concerns are addressed. It is imperative that you make your views known.

Teams are formed quickly and competitively balanced so subsequent changes are most likely not going to be accommodated. If you have a real concern after the teams have been formed you can contact the Player Agent or League Director, but first please take a deep breath and remember a lot of thought and effort have been given to your child’s placement. We believe it is more important that your child have a successful baseball experience than they be placed in an overly challenging division. Also, keep in mind that no player has been moved to a higher division once teams were set.

What do I do if I am concerned about my player being placed with a particular coach or player?

Send a written note or email to the Player Agent, League Director, or Board President as soon as possible and we will accommodate you with respect to your player and their coach.

What is Reading Little League's philosophy about the number of players per team?

Reading Little League feels that the optimal number of players per team is 11. Under no circumstance will a team have more than 12 players during our Spring and Fall seasons. Over the summer months, Jimmy Fund and Summer Sandlot teams may have more than 12 players to try to ensure that all teams have at least 9 players at all games due to family vacations.

I missed Spring Registration. Can I still sign a player up?

Possibly. Reading Little League cannot guarantee placement on a Spring roster as no team will have more than 12 players. If you are late to register, the wait listed players will only be added to rosters of teams with less than 12 players.


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