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Majors Field Scoreboard Instructions

Thank you for running the scoreboard at the game today! This is appreciated by players, coaches, and spectators alike.

The scoreboard at Majors Field is solar powered. It must be turned off at the electrical box after each game in order to recharge. Turning the scoreboard off from the remote is not sufficient.

Turning the Scoreboard On

There is a combination box attached to the left scoreboard post beyond the fence in center field. Use the same code used to open the storage boxes to open this box. Ask a coach for the code if you do not know it. Inside the combination box is a key to the scoreboard's electrical box.

scoreboard combo box

Use the key to open the electrical box and then put the key back in the combination box. Flipping the red switch to the "I" position turns it on. You should hear the control unit spin up. If you don't, the scoreboard likely is not charged and cannot be used. Turn it back off (the "O" position) to let it recharge.

scoreboard control unit

Remember to turn this control box off at the end of the game so the scoreboard can recharge.

Controlling the Scoreboard

The scoreboard remote controls are kept in a storage bin behind home plate. The case says "Nevco" and it containst two controllers. One controller is used to keep score (inning, runs, outs, count). The other controller is used to keep track of pitch counts.

Hold the "ON/OFF" button on each remote to connect it to the scoreboard.

Keeping Score

The scorekeeping remote keeps track of the score, inning, count, and outs. Depending on the umpire and where you are, it can be difficult to keep track of the count. If you can track the count that's welcome, but it's most important to track the inning, score, and outs.

Clearing the Scoreboard from a Previous Game

  • Press "OPTIONS"
  • Press "+"
  • Press "INNING/SCORE" to return to the main screen

Changing the Score

  • Press "INNING/SCORE"
  • Press "HOME" or "GUEST" as appropriate
  • Press "+" or "-" to increment or decrement the score for that team

Changing the Inning

  • Press "INNING/SCORE"
  • Press "+" or "-" to increment or decrement the inning

Tracking the Count and Outs

  • Press "BALL" to count a ball
  • Press "STRIKE" to count a strike
  • Press "OUT" to count an out
  • Hold either "BALL" or "STRIKE" to reset the count at the end of an at bat
  • Hold "OUT" to reset the count and outs at the end of a half inning

The instructions above should be sufficient, but if needed you can review the scorekeeping controller manual.

Keeping Pitch Counts

The pitch count remote is used to keep a tally of pitch counts, used by coaches to manage load on pitchers.

  • Press "HOME" or "GUEST" button to control that team's pitch count.
  • When a pitch is delivered press "+" to increment the count.
  • If you increment accidentally, press "-" to decrement the count.
  • If there is a pitching change, press "OPTIONS" then press "HOME" or "GUEST" to reset that team's pitch count.

That's all there is to it, but if you run into issues, the pitch count controller manual may be of help.

Ending the Game

Unless you hand the controllers to the next coach and confirm they are going to use the scoreboard, you must turn the scoreboard off at the electrical box so it can recharge via the solar panels. Leaving it on will drain the battery, which won't be discovered until the scoreboard can't be used at the next game.

  • Turn the scoreboard off at the electrical box by flipping the switch to "O"
  • Turn the controllers off by holding down "ON/OFF"
  • Place the controllers back in the case and put the case in the field box.


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