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Reading Little League Baseball

Spring Tryouts and Team Selection Process

Spring Tryouts and Team Selection Process

  • Reading Little League conducts evaluations for all 9, 10, 11 and 12-year olds that register to play in the Spring Baseball Program.
  • The tryouts help with division placements and provide Coaches with player rankings to assist in the Spring Baseball draft process.

Majors (10-12-year olds) Process

  • The Majors and Triple A Division will not have more than 10 teams as these teams have limit field space and time to fit in the minimum number of games required by Little League to have kids eligible to play in the summer district tournaments. 
  • The number of 12-year olds registered will determine a lot for the different league formations.
  • First the number of 12 year olds will determine how many 11 and 10 year old spots are available in the majors as all 12 year olds are required to play in the Majors Division (unless the parents, local league Board, and District Administrator sign a waiver to have the player play down in the Minors Division).

Example: 80 twelve-year olds sign up to play. If the Board determines that 10 teams is appropriate for majors, then there are 30 open spots for 11 and 10-year olds to play up as each team will have 11 players per team (110-80=30). Once it is determined how many 11s & 10s are needed to fill the league, the President, VP of Baseball Operations, Majors Director, and the Player Agents will get together to review the tryout ratings and the prior year coaches ratings to determine which kids will be brought up to the majors. It should be noted that 11-year olds would be given priority to move up to the majors over 10-year olds unless the 10-year olds ranks extremely high in the entire 11-10 year old pool of players.

  • Once the players who are playing up are determined a ranking of all players will be created. 
  • This ranking sheet will be used by the Managers to draft their team. 
  • The kids of the Manager will automatically be picked in the corresponding round based on his overall ranking.
  • I.e. if a manager’s son is ranked 35th overall, he/she will be automatically picked in the 4th round (assuming there are 10 team in the league). If the Manager’s kid is ranked 5th overall, he will be automatically picked in the first round.  Regardless of the ranking, the Managers’ kid will be picked no later than the 5nd round.
  • The draft order will be decided at the draft by pulling numbers out of a hat.
  • The order of the draft is a snake (The order of picks in a round is reversed for the next round)

Triple A (10-11-year olds) Process

  • The above process is similar at the Triple A level.
  • In general, 11-year olds will play in Triple A unless the Triple A Director, Player Agent or the Parent feels that an 11-year olds should remain in Double A for safety or social reasons (there is no waiver form needed).
  • Once the number of 11-year olds that will be in Triple A is determined, the number of 10-year olds needed to fill in the difference can be determined.
  • At this point the President, VP of Baseball Operations, Triple A Director, Double A Director, and Player Agents meet to review the tryout rating and prior year coaches rating and decide who is going to play up in Triple A from the 10 year old group.
  • The rankings and drafting are the same as Majors.

Double A (9-11 year olds) Process

  • Double A teams will comprise of all the 9-year olds, all the 10 and 11-year olds that do not play in the Majors or Triple A.
  • The number of teams will fluctuate each year based on the number of registrants.
  • In general, the teams will have 11 or 12 kids.
  • The rankings and drafting are the same at this level as well.

Single A (8-year olds) Process

  • Since there are no tryouts for Single A, the player rankings, which will be used by managers to draft teams, will be created based on the prior year’s coaches evaluations.
  • When a new player registers for Single A that did not play in the Rookie League it is tough to know the skill level of the player.
  • Managers will do their best to know the kids prior to the draft.
  • There is a draft which is the same as in all older leagues.

Rookie (7-year olds) Process

  • Rookie teams are formed by the Rookie League Director.
  • In general, the Director will mix teams from 2 school districts together to allow kids to play with their school mates as well as to start to get to know kids from other schools.
  • These teams will be small (9-10 players) to allow for minimal sitting on the bench time.
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