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Reading Little League Baseball

Reading Little League Baseball


Reading Little League: Wiffle Ball Tournament

June 9th 10:00am-5:00pm




Why is RLL running this wiffle ball tournament?


The tournament is a fundraiser to rebuild the little league fields, specifically Majors Field. Our fields are in dire need of some love and attention.  This project would accomplish two goals: (1) allow the field to dry quicker after storms through the use of higher quality materials underneath the infield and (2) allow the field to be played at its current dimensions and the dimensions of 70’ base paths and the pitching rubber 50’ from home plate (Reading does not offer this type of field today, whereas many surrounding towns do).

The tournament is also a great community building event for the town and the program.


Who should participate in in this event?


All ages should participate in the tournament, it’s slow pitch wiffle ball. You should register as a team. Team size is 3-5 players. We will have three separate divisions as follows: 

Allstar: Competitive Adults

Family Fun: Families of all ages

Junior League: Little league age children

Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate. Children should be old enough to catch, throw and hit and should be accompanied by a guardian when appropriate. There are no coaches.


I’m not interested in playing wiffle ball, will there be other activities for families and children?


Yes, this will be an event that will include music, food trucks, and other fun activities.


What is the entry price of the tournament?


The costs are $100 per team for early registration, $125 after the deadline. 100% of the proceeds go to Reading Little League. 


What are the rules of the tournament?


Tournament Rules

NO UMPIRES. Who Makes The Call?

Matters related to fielding & balls in play = Fielding team’s call.

Strike/Ball (Did it hit the strikezone? - Check swing?) = Pitcher’s call

Fair/Foul = Batter’s call

1. Regulation Wiffle® plastic bats and balls will be provided. Only those balls provided by staff may be used for play in the event.

2. The event will begin with group play, leading to single elimination playoff rounds, and the championships.

*All teams will play in the playoff rounds. Multiple divisions will form based on results from group play.

Walk = 1 base *when forced. Single = All runners move 1 base. Doubles & triples = All runners come home!

3. A pitch that hits any part of the strike zone target is a called strike.

4. Each batter begins with a 0-1 count; 2 strikes and you’re out, 5 balls is a walk, unlimited foul balls. Hit

batters do not take a base. 3 outs per inning, 3 innings per game.

5. In extra innings, teams start with bases loaded.

6. No base running. Ghost runners only. Runners move the following ways: Walk = 1 base *when forced. Single = All runners move 1 base. Doubles & triples = All runners come home!

7. Any fair ball stopping in infield, or reaching the outfield grass is a single, reaching the wall on a roll or bounce is a double, hitting the wall in the air is a triple, and landing over the home run line before hitting the ground is a home run.

8. The batting order must include everyone on the team and remain constant all game.

9. A 10-run mercy rule is in effect after each full inning. First team reaching 20 runs will end game on the spot.

10. The home run fence will be roughly 80’ from home plate.

11. The pitcher’s mounds will vary in distance based on pitcher’s age & abilities. Furthest mound will be 43’ from target. Closest will be 35’. NO fast balls. Event directors will monitor pitch speed.

12. Ground balls must be fielded before they reach the outfield to be an out. Outfield line roughly 50’ from home plate.

13. Neighboring playing fields are considered out of play.

14. A pitcher should finish pitching to any batter they begin to face.

15. Removed pitchers may re-enter to pitch.

16. Maximum of 4 fielders, including pitcher. Fielders may play anywhere in fair territory no closer than the pitcher’s mount to home plate.

17. Outfielders must finish defensive plays inside the HR fence OR hit will be ruled an automatic triple. If the ball ends on outside of wall, even if caught, it is a HR.

18. Double Plays: On any fielded out, and regardless of runners on base, the fielder can throw and hit the strike zone in the air for a double play. Any runners remain on base. The attempt must be made immediately and in one fluid step after the ball

19. Seeding within pools is based on record, with head to head, and run differential as tie breakers. If still tied, a 1 inning playoff will break tie. Head to head is always used when applicable.

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